Let's start knowing the basics !


Basic knowledge Start Bookmaker Money Flow

The bookmaker , there is a flow of a variety of money . Bookmakers are to play in cash , you must first deposit to the casino . The payment method you have some . As a basis for payment , it is to open an account in the net bank .

Credit card is the often considered or convenient , but since the issuer of credit cards in many cases that is not compatible , is often the case that the settlement does not pass , even as you try to use a credit card as it bookmaker . Moreover, even as could be payment by credit card , winnings can not withdraw only the net bank . Therefore, to use the bookmaker will have the opening of net bank becomes mandatory .

As is typical of the NETELLER in net bank . The NETELLER, is an electronic currency service that specializes in online casinos and sports . NETELLER Since it corresponds Japanese and has become the most easy-to-use service to the Japanese , many people have been utilized .