Let's start knowing the basics !


Learn the basic knowledge about the refund of bookmaker

Although foreign companies are now many Japanese to participate in the bookmakers , which operates through the Internet , and While participating newly for refund , you want to grasp as basic knowledge .

In the public gambling of Japan , because the amount of the refund paid to the center 's according to odds at the time the vote has been closed is determined, may be you bet participant is basically analyzes the object itself of betting mechanism It has become .

Bookmakers itself point to fluctuate odds rapidly in until the end from the vote is started in the case of do not change with the public gambling in Japan.However , refund will differ greatly from the public gambling in Japan points to be determined according to the odds at the time that made the vote of the case of a successful bet .

Therefore , bookmaker participants not only analyze and research the subject of betting , making a mechanism that is not possible to obtain a high dividend and the timing does not identify gambling .