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Bookmaker 【Fundamentals from the introductory】

The bookmaker , of gambling , such as sports , book ( ledger ) , maker ( make , you want to manage ) in the sense that it , that it points to the fact of the population to manage betting odds (the rate multiplied ) . Originally , it has a history that started from the British horse racing , the United Kingdom , even now , it is said that " all sorts of things becomes the target of gambling " , when the child is born in the UK royal family , men and women either , the name is the subject of betting it becomes , it will occur that can not be considered in Japan .

The basic work of this bookmaker is twice to those which can be the subject of gambling , you can determine the odds , such as three times , it is to go to the dividend premium to the winner of the result . Bookmakers With that appeared in the history of gambling , just not was simply won lost , odds are born , or reading shows the situation from over rate , such as the latch is 10,000 times , a larger fun of gambling it is now to be .

Today , even in Japan , horse racing , bicycle racing , motorboat , Auto Racing , football , is betting that you use a lot of odds is popular , it has been continued .